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Change Management – A Disciplined Approach

Change management can be divided into two basic areas:

Change management is a process designed to ensue the integrity and control over the features and functions of the products and services being delivered. Effective change management process uncovers opportunities to improve efficiency. Acxius project methodology uses a disciplined approach throughout the life of a project to handle any modifications requested during the course of our work that might result in expanding, shrinking or preserving the project scope.

Change requests typically occur for one of the following reasons:

  • External events including, but not limited to changes in market demand, legislative requirements, legal requirements competitive needs, etc;
  • Unintentional errors or omissions in defining the required features of the product/service being delivered resulting in new requirements;
  • Value-added changes due to recent technological advances not available at the time of the original project scope or additional benefits that can be achieved with undertaking the change
  • Redefinition of scope as a result of necessary adjustments to ensure the product/service being delivered aligns with other products /services being produced by other projects, targeted reduction in functionality in order

Regardless of the reason, effective Change Management can be divided into two basic areas: planning for change and managing the change.

Change Planning

Change planning is a process that identifies the risk level of a change and builds change planning requirements in order to ensure that the change is successful. Acxius will help you with the steps for change planning including:

  • Assigning all potential changes a risk level before the change is scheduled.
  • Identifying risk levels for software and hardware upgrades, topology changes, routing changes, configuration changes, and new deployments.
  • Assigning higher risk levels to non-standard add, move, or change types of activity.
  • The high-risk change process you document needs to include lab validation, vendor review, peer review, and detailed configuration and design documentation.
  • Create solution templates for deployments that affect multiple sites and more

After a change is planned the next step is managing it effectively, by reviewing all change requests and approve or deny each request based on completeness, readiness, business impact, business need, and any other risks or conflicts.

Acxius’s Project Management Services can help you in this effort by planning and managing changes around Data, Information and Performance Management projects - thus taking your business to the next level in the process.

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