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Our expert leadership team is focused on serving you.
Our senior executives, strategists and project managers are intimately familiar with our client’s needs and requirements, as are many of our accomplished technical and business consultants. With a talent pool that includes senior consultants, corporate executives, numerous technology and design experts, and other specialists from a variety of backgrounds, we have the versatility to operate in multiple environments and can offer our clients the benefits of proven leadership in multiple industries. At Acxius, our collective experience is diverse, but our commitment to excellence is unanimous.
Biswa Bhattacharya  Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Robert Scott  Partner and Chief Technology Officer
Steve Tracy  Senior Vice President – Information Management
Wilmer Shaw Patino  Senior Vice President – Project Management and Delivery
Biswa founded Acxius in the year 2002 with a simple vision of solving client’s business problems with a passion and earn 100% clients satisfaction. He has over 20 years of consulting experience servicing clients worldwide, across different vertical market and solving problems related to data, information and business performance. Biswa is also considered as a Thought Leader in his field of expertise. His mantra is "incremental steps with a strategic focus, provides value and thus improvement".
A keen listener and a deep thinker, Biswa is excellent in understanding the client’s business problems and providing solutions often by using a different elegant approach. He believes every client has unique problems, and the key to a successful solution is to understand the problem before proposing a solution. Prior to starting Acxius, Biswa worked for several large consulting firms and clients, helping their Senior Leadership successfully implement their corporate vision. His goal is to make all clients, partners and associates, feel proud to be connected with Acxius. According to him, "it is a journey to add true value to our clients and be their VALUED PARTNER".
Traveling all around the globe, Biswa finally settled in New Jersey with his family. He firmly believes that every day is a learning curve and enjoys learning by listening. Being a trained classical singer himself, he enjoys relaxing with world music in his spare time.
As an Acxius Partner and the Chief Technology Officer, Robert Scott brings over two decades of experience in solving business and technology challenges with passion, creativity and focus.
Robert is a hands-on industry technology leader in the data, information and business performance domain, and sees technology as an "enabler for improvement". As a technologist and business professional, Robert is committed to providing innovative, intelligent solutions to address the unique needs of every client.
Prior to joining Acxius, Robert worked for multiple Fortune 500 companies, from UTC to Heublein to The Hartford, spanning several vertical markets and countries around the globe, and interfacing with a broad array of talent, from developers to CIOs and CEOs. In these various roles, Robert brought much valued technology leadership with a primary focus on strategy, architecture, design, data management and information management, and continues to have such impact today by way of his support of Acxius clients.
Robert has a Bachelor's in Computer Science from Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, New York), and also holds various technical certifications. He lives in Connecticut with his wife Felecia and two sons, Zachary and Isaiah. In addition to being with his much loved family, during his spare time Robert enjoys bowling, writing music, and serving as organist for his church in Manchester, CT.
Steve is a Senior Vice President – Information Management for Acxius. He has over 18 years of experience across a broad array of data, information and performance management functions. Steve's diverse experience spans many vertical markets, including Insurance, Manufacturing, Finance, Healthcare, Telecommunication, Internet, and Consumer Package Goods. Steve is an acclaimed thought leader, strategist, with expertise in delivering, managing and architecting full scale, enterprise wide technology deployments, most notably in the areas of Business Intelligence, Reporting and Information Delivery. His strength is his ability to work effectively with all tiers of an organization, from operations to corporate leadership, to understand information needs and deliver an efficient and scalable solution. Steve strongly believes that "Accurate and Consistent Data and Information, is the foundation towards a successful enterprise".
Prior to joining Acxius Strategic Consulting, he worked with the Business Objects Global Services Organization (GSO), where he was responsible for providing direction and expertise in the Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Service Practice in North America. Steve is also a contributing Member of the "Curriculum Development and Research Committee" of the Business Intelligence Journal TDWI. He is actively associated with Ralph Kimball Associates as a Senior Data Warehouse Advisor. He authored several articles as a guest columnist for Ralph Kimball's Data Warehouse Architect Column in Intelligence Enterprise. Additionally he was featured in the 2004 Annual Business Intelligence Special Roundtable Conference and the 2005-2006 National Register of Who's Who in Executives and Professionals.
Steve lives in Connecticut with his wife, son, and daughter. When Steve is not helping solve clients' Information and Reporting needs he enjoys researching cars.
Wilmer is a leader in the Project Management Practice for Acxius. He is an experienced Project Manager specialized on planning tactical and strategic projects and operations. He focuses his vision and responsibilities on critical projects as he takes full control of the project operation using Best Practice and Human Factor. Wilmer’s track is impeccable with success; he is specialized on managing critical, decisive, risky or unbalanced projects, while employing surgical-strategies and concise accuracy to banking projects successfully.
Wilmer brings over 13 years of Project Management expertise working in North America, Asia, Europe and Latin America, across multiple vertical. He brings international skills, effective expertise in negotiations and agreements with international, governments and corporations while utilizing diplomatic skills. In his words “Managing Projects and Program is an ART and there are several factors that contributes towards a successful Project”. During his professional tenure, Wilmer has managed manufacturing, distribution & logistics, financial, insurance, marketing, avionics, IT, software, and health-care projects. As a thought leader, he is a specialist in planning road maps with detail and builds alternative solutions for disrupted or collapsed projects, revamping businesses operations and resurrecting old or creating new cost effective functional methodologies for enhancing business value. He is able to employ sensitive skills for empowerment and motivational talent, while making solid decisions and standing firm on what the project needs in order to get the project-operation completed. Wilmer has a strong drive for client services, has developed, and trained teams with client and customer skills for business and operational support for several years.
Wilmer lives in New York and Connecticut with his family.

Biswa Bhattacharya
  Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Robert Scott
 Partner and Chief Technology Officer

Steve Tracy
 Senior Vice President – Information Management

Wilmer Shaw Patino
 Senior Vice President – Project Management and Delivery

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