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Project Success: Superior Results – “In scope, on time and budget”

Critical to the successful execution of any IT project is a disciplined approach coupled with experience within the relevant technology. At Acxius, our methodology includes IPECC (Initiate, Plan, Execute, Control and Close at its core and a keen ability to understand the unique risks associated with the complexities of technology projects. Significant thought leadership further distinguishes the Acxius approach and provides a unique value proposition for our clients.

To manage the full life cycle of a project it is essential to have a system in place that holds it all together. This framework begins with executive buy-in and continues through capturing lessons learned for future endeavors. From a high-level, these procedures can be grouped into three project management functions:

  • Project Definition lays out the foundation for a project. During this phase Acxius will work with you to define the project charter, responsibility matrix, scope and other necessary components. Important questions like, “Why are we doing this? and “How will success be measured?” are asked and answered during this stage.
  • Project planning identifies in detail how the projects goals will be achieved given the known constraints. Acxius brings decades of experience in the data, information and performance management space to bare during this stage. Our principals average over 15 years of experience in helping Fortune 100 companies with scheduling, budgeting and resource planning.
  • Project control includes all of the activities to keep the project on time and within budget. At Acxius, we believe in measuring progress frequently - thereby identifying problems early. Early identification makes most problems easier to solve. We put a tremendous amount of rigor into our Issue Management process which culminates in a proactive communication approach.

The Challenge:

Today most IT projects go through a wide variety of issues related to scope, cost, resources, process, timeframe, etc. Most organizations have projects which are delayed or exceed the allocated budget, thus impacting the organizational objectives. The biggest challenge is the alignment between organizational Project Management Practice and the nature of the projects related to Data, Information and Business Performance. It is imperative that the various elements involved in the execution of a project be monitored and evaluated consistently so as to ensure the ultimate realization of the company’s objectives.

The Solution:

Thought leadership, meticulous planning and an unwavering commitment to results. Effective project management can get you on track for successful project implementation by following the five guided stages: Initiate, Plan, Execute, Control, and Close along with effective negotiation, clear communication and analytical skills. Our own Project Management Practice driven by thought leadership, lessons learnt and Best Practices for Data, Information and Business Performance projects flaunts a stellar 98.5% completion rate while delivering on time and within budget. Simply, our methods improve our customer's project performance. Our guiding principle is to make a rapid impact by focusing on the practical skills and practices that create the highest and most immediate value.

Acxius’s Project Management Services can help you in your organization’s data, information and performance management project challenges by using Best Practice and Lessons Learnt driven proprietary methodology - thus take your business to the next level in the process.

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